Le Club des lo(o)seurs

Mon club de losers comportait 3 personnes jusqu'a l'annee derniere (un s'est marie le lacheur). Je parle ici de ma vie d'expat trentenaire (mon dieu.. bientot quadra) solo avec un chat :-)

17 octobre 2008

So So So....

freaking tired.... Sorry all but to write in French I must: - Focus - Order my thoughts - type in word for the spellchecker - copy in here.... And today it is absofuckinglutely impossible. I'll have to tell you though how today I was hit on by a 23 year old (flattering but nevertheless vaguely nauseating) and how I don't thing panhandling when you are a salaried engineer is morally acceptable. But all that when I have managed to recuperate from this week of German course. Exhausted.
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