Le Club des lo(o)seurs

Mon club de losers comportait 3 personnes jusqu'a l'annee derniere (un s'est marie le lacheur). Je parle ici de ma vie d'expat trentenaire (mon dieu.. bientot quadra) solo avec un chat :-)

11 juin 2010

Entendu dans Cold Case

What's the difference between a lawyer and a Mosquito? One's a bloodsucker the other one is an insect. M'a fait rire celle la.
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11 juin 2010

Frequent Travellers

Two types of people coexist in airports, frequent travellers and the others. Frequent travellers sail through airports with effortless grace. Their poise is unaffected by security check, their assurance conveys a feeling of tranquil resignation. Their belt is in the stupid little case within seconds, the laptop follows. They don’t fiddle with their bag for 45 seconds trying to extract it. It practically jump out and land in the grey box with just the right amount of noise to express the total disregards they have for this tool they... [Lire la suite]
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